Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

Trip 2, after court, one year ago today
Seeing Cassi in the orphanage, after court--look how tiny!

First time I dressed her--she loved the softness of the clothes!

So small!

Memory Lane: Cassi (left) and her "twin" Dagny (right) in Baby Home #14
They knew each other before we knew they were our daughters! They are about 11 months old here, I believe.

Cassi and Dan, Trip 1

Trip 1, Day 2, Smiling some!

Trip 1, Day 1

Trip 1, Day 1

...a Moscow Russian judge decided we would be the parents of Cassiana, changing all of our lives forever! We were so thrilled and relieved that she was finally officially our daughter. We flew 2 days to get to Russia, had court the next day and then flew home for 2 days the day after court. I remember going to see Cassi right after court, still in our suits, playing with her on the floor of the orphanage. It was so, so wonderful to hold her again! We took about 3,000 pictures and miles of video and tried to soak up every square inch of her being, until we could come back in 10 days to pick her up. There is a 10 day wait most of the time after court, until you can have custody of your child, so we had to leave, knowing that the end of the adoption journey was quickly approaching and that the beginning of our new lives were beginning! :)


Nichole said...

Wow, what a difference a year makes! Cassie is such a beautiful girl. Give her a kiss and hug from Vera!!

Hope said...

Love her face! Beautiful little girl, with movie star looks;)

nybogi said...

It bought tears to my eyes seeing our two little girls together like that. I showed Dagny your post tonight and she said "baby" and I told her that was Cassi and she smiled and said "Cassi". I can't wait until they meet again.

I am so happy for you guys and for Cassi. She is an amazing little girl. Congrats!

Kristine said...

She is so precious. I am sure it is hard to believe it has already been 1 year...congratulations.

Lola said...

Hi! Cassie is very beautiful!
I wish you luck and patience.

Olga. Russia.