Saturday, March 28, 2009

Twin toddler girls available

If anyone, paper ready for Russia, is interested or knows someone who might be, in adopting twin girls, one needing some cleft lip and palate surgery, please comment or call Lorien at Lighthouse Adoptions, Ann Arbor, asap. :) Lorien Wenger, director, phone: (734) 223-3737

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last week was Spring Break, so we partied all the time, partied all the time, parrrr-tied all the time! Actually, we took a "staycation" to save money since I'm still job hunting. It was really fun! :)

Monday: The Zoo

Everyone and their grandmother was there since it was the first day of break, but it was the best weather day, so we went for it. The temperature was perfect! The elephants were on vacation (who knew?), so we didn't get to see them. I guess they deserve it since they work holidays. When we were walking around, Kai asked how the zoo "replicates the animal's habitat." What are they teaching these kids in kindergarten???

Here are some shots of Cassi watching Kai and Dan on the carousel.

Eating Cheerios, a toddler's best friend

Saying "Uh-Oh" after spilling them all on the ground. Bird's also consider Cheerios to be their best friends.

Kai and Dan, living the dream!

Kai said he "was smiling."

"Mom, I don't want to take a pictures in front of the flamingos!!!"

Kai always scrunches up his shoulders and stomps around when he is mad--lol!

At least no one is mad in this one. Well, the tiger doesn't look so happy.

Tuesday: Pizza and the Park

We went to the pizza lunch buffet at Mazzio's. It's pretty cheap and quick! Kai looked like he'd rolled around in the pizza by the time we were done, so we had to run home to change his clothes.

She looks soooo tiny!!!

Kai is getting soooo big!

Wednesday: We rested and so did the paparazzi

Thursday: The Library and Donuts (Just because it's a "staycation" doesn't mean it has to be healthy and good for the waistline! Why are donuts so cheap and healthy food is so much more expensive? We got a half dozen donuts for about $3.49!)

Kai and Cassi playing with the keyboards and mice.

"Just let me spell check this e-mail and then I will be with you."

Friday: Kai and I went to McYucky's for lunch while Dan and Cassi chilled at home. We used up some free game cards he had at Andy Alligators indoor game center --- forgot camera at home. :( He got enough tickets for a plastic centipede.

Zoo: $20

Pizza: $9

Park: Free

Library: Free

Donuts: $3.49

McYucky's: $6.00

Game Center: Free

Total Cost of Staycation: Priceless

All in all it was good, cheap fun this week. Kids don't really care if they go some place fancy, just as long as you are there with them! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Growin' Like A Weed! :)

(Michelle C., you have mail!)

Well, I'm very pleased to post Cassi's stats! I noticed that the pants she was wearing a couple or 3 weeks ago were pretty short, so I measured her tonight. Great news! She's up from 20% (October) for height to 75%!!! WOW! She's 31.25 inches tall! And, her weight is leveling out--could it be all of the constant running and climbing??? LOL! She was 50% when we met her in Oct. and she's maintained 75% for the past month or so. She weighs 24.5, only gaining .5 pounds this month. And, her head is now 18 inches, up from 17 when we met her in Oct. That's up from 25% to almost 50%! You grow, girl!!! :) Her feet are still teeny-tiny. She would wear about a 2 1/2, if they made that size!

We had a "staycation" this past week for Spring Break to cut back on expenses. It was fun! :) I will post those pictures in the next few days.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Paper Ready and Wanting Sibling Groups?

The agency we adopted from, Lighthouse, has several younger sibling groups available immediately for paper ready families. Comment if you would like me to point you in their direction or call Lorien at Lighthouse Adoptions, Ann Arbor! :)

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