Sunday, July 26, 2009

Something is kind of fishy...

Okay, this post is only a week over due! Last Saturday Grandma and Grandpa H. took the kids and I to the aquarium. Dan had to work, so we took off to have some fun! We had a blast! Kai's favorite part was the shark room (mine, too!) and running around in the stroller area like a wild banshee (I did not partake in this activity.). I let Kai and Cassi run amok for a while before we got back into the car for the trip home.

Here are some pictures from our trip. Hopefully blogger will behave and let me rearrange these this time! First we went out for Mexican food---yummmy!!!
Cassi loved the mariachi band
Kai being mischievousKai feeding the turtles at the aquarium. Dad put some bait on a stick that had a clothe pin at the end. These turtles probably have a Body Mass Index of 100! lolBaby friendly turtle viewing window. Keep in mind it's about 15 minutes into the trip and Cassi has already removed her shoes! Still has her bow...for now.
Next was the tide pool to pet starfish, etc. Kai was content with just looking at them.
Grandma H. and Kai at the stingray tankGrandpa H. and Kai
Cassi has had enough of the stroller--her bow has fallen out somewhere along the way...
SHARK! They have a shark tunnel and shark room. Love me some sharks!
They have this awesome program where for an extra fee, you can swim with the sharks, so I did! Okay, if you believe that, then you guys will believe anything!!! :P
Their eyes don't glow in real life--ha,ha.
Alligator Gar---creepy!
Grandma and Cassi shopping in the gift shop
Burning off energy before the car trip home. :)

Anyone out there having trouble with blogger? I used to be able to drag and drop the pictures and now I can still do that, but it will only move one picture length at a time---took forever to do this post! :P
Anyway, we had a wonderful time at the aquarium. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa H.! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Perfect Gift

Announcing a new fundraiser to help Russian orphans!!!!

My friend Tamara, whose daughter was in the same orphanage as Cassi, is the consultant for Initials, Inc. This is a really fun company, run my stay-at-home moms. They make adorable personalized purses, bags, blankets, duffel bags, backpacks, towels, acrylic ware and whole lot more! Here is a message from Tamara:

We’re excited to announce the first of two months (July & August) of fundraising to benefit those children that remain in Russian baby homes awaiting their forever families. All money raised will go directly to Russian orphanages to support projects that make the lives of the children that live there better.
For every item purchased, all of the profit will go towards this effort (approximately 20% of your purchase)! Each item is created, designed and personalized by you! You pick the fabric, trim (where applicable) and the personalization (font and color).
Please check out our catalog of FABULOUS items at:
To purchase any item, please contact Tamara @ The July order will be submitted on July 25. The August order will be submitted on August 25.
Great items, GREAT cause - COOL STUFF!!


This is a great idea for people with unusual names who have always been left out by the lack of variety of personalized items carried in stores--this includes me! LOL! Also, if you have anyone with an upcoming birthday, wedding, anniversary, house warming or anyone going back to school, these are some great, unique ideas. Who doesn't like to feel special and know that an item was selected just for them? PLUS, your purchase helps out those left behind in Russian orphanages! It's a win-win! :)


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Farm Report

It's too hot to blog. Our house gets up to 80 degrees right around 3PM until we go to bed because it's so hot and the a/c unit is too small to keep up. It runs all night and only gets down the 73 (I have it set way lower to try to "get ahead" but it doesn't work.) The only thing that seems to be thriving in the yard is the watermelon plant. Everything else is holding on for dear life, literally! Here is the "Before" picture, planted May 14th:

Now, here is what it looks like 2 months later. There is one watermelon the size of a tennis ball (toward the bottom, middle of picture) and 2 smaller ones the size of grapes (on same vine as larger one). Go watermelon, it's your birthday! We love watermelon and I can't wait to dive into these when they are ready. Oh, that is supposed to be mid-August...who can wait that long, so we've had watermelon via the store several times already. Still, I think these watermelons will taste even sweeter since we grew them. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cassi's First 4th! :)

A year ago this weekend, another family was carrying our paperwork to Moscow for us. They were on their way to meet their baby boy. Our journey with Lighthouse Adoptions was just starting and we hoped to have our baby girl home by the end of 2008. I remember going to watch fireworks that weekend, and thinking of the dossier on its way. I looked up at the moon and said, "That is the same moon that our baby girl can see in Russia. This time next year, she will be home!" And, it was so. She has been home for 7 months and is now 19 months old! :)

Here are pictures from today (they say the 4th, but apparently the date is wrong in my camera). Why not yesterday? It RAINED! Not only rain, but lightening and thunder for hours last night. It hadn't rained in about 2 weeks here and it picked last night to rain. Our lawn (well, what's left of it--it's been so hot!) and flowers loved it though. It was not the first 4th of July I had pictured for Cassi. We were going to go to an area that doesn't have a lot of people that is close enough to see the fireworks display, but they aren't too loud. Oh, well...

We took these pictures that we took this morning on our way to church. They turned out pretty cute considering we had all of 30 seconds to take them! Also, some of the neon blue Rice Crispy treats with sprinkles that we made to take to the display last night that didn't happen. I also made ice cream sundaes that I froze and was going to take those in a cooler. The kids enjoyed them anyway, running around the living room like wild banshees last night, listening to a song Kai loves from the internet called, "I'm A Gummy Bear." It was still a fun day, preparing the treats and all.

I bought this little outfit for Cassi last year on clearance after the 4th. It just fits! :) Kai with blue Rice Crispy treats

Good thing I took a picture, because these are history now!
Hope everyone had a great 4th! :) We sure did!