Saturday, September 12, 2009

I have returned!

Okay, I didn't go anywhere, but I have never gone this long without posting! We've been busy little bees around here. Kai started 1st grade August 20th. He loves it and is doing great! He lost another tooth, too. That makes 3 total. Here he is on his first day of school:

Kai's First Day of 1st Grade

I also started my new job as a teacher at a different school on August 20th. I teach 1st-4th grade hearing impaired students and love it! I had to wait until last week to sign a contract while my license was being processed so I had to sub in my own classroom, which was kind of weird. I didn't like having to wait to see what happens (you'd think I'd be more patient after adopting! lol). A few weeks before school started, I went in almost every day to work in my room, not knowing for sure this would be my job. It's all working out and going great! :) My school and students are awesome!

Backing up further, the kids took a gymnastics class to try it out over the summer. Cassi wasn't super excited because everything was so new. Kai had taken the Mommy and Me class a few summers and had attended some birthday parties here, so he kind of knew the ropes (no pun intended). Cassi and I went to the Mommy & Me class while Kai was in his big kid class. Cassi's class wore me out because I was lifting and moving her everywhere. I think we will wait until she's a little older to enroll her. The pictures below aren't really representative of her experience. There was more crying than laughing. Kai loved his, so he's going once a week now. Here are pictures, if blogger will let me move them!

Kai on the parallel bars. I have no idea why everything is so fuzzy! I couldn't get too close because I was watching Cassi on the air tramp at the same time. Multi-tasking!

Waiting for class to start

This is a picture from the other day in her new leotard. She LOVED wearing it! I found it at a second hand store for .99cents! Love that!

Please don't look at the clutter in the video. Our house is usually "Home and Garden" ready (yeah, right!) but today was a little crazy w/ the toys. Cassi can do somersaults. We call it "downward dog" as in the yoga pose because she was doing that all over the place. One day Kai just gave her a little push and now she's doing somersaults all over the place. She also loves to jump in her crib and on the couch and land on her rear end. I hear gymnastics calling her name! Also, I love how she managed to hang on to the hanger the whole time--lol!

Then, last weekend was Kai's 7th birthday. I can't believe he's already 7! Mom made him a gymnastics cake. She couldn't find any cake set ups for gymnastics, so she had to make them. It turned out really cute. Thanks, Mom!

Then, on Labor Day, I ran my first 5K because starting a new job just wasn't enough! lol I trained for about 6-7 wks. beforehand. I have NO pictures of this event. They are NOT good! lol Anyway, I finished the race and my time was pretty good! :) I'm ready to sign up for my next run!