Thursday, June 25, 2009

Buy A Shirt, Help The Orphans! Also, pictures and video of summer fun

Finally, I have taken pictures of the kids in their shirts that their Grandma bought for them. These shirts can be purchased from Lighthouse Adoptions, Ann Arbor, the folks that brought us Cassi. The proceeds will go to help orphanages that Lighthouse works with in Russia.

Cassi was adopted from Moscow, but they also work in Vlad and several others. At the end of the year, Lighthouse will send the money to the orphanages and the crew over there will take pictures to show what has been purchased for the kids left behind.

Cassi and many others are very fortunate to have found their forever home, but many, many others will not be so lucky. These kids need food, clothing, etc. too. Here is the website so that you can buy one of two designs of shirts or you can donate money directly:

These are not the best pictures, but keep in mind it was 1,000 degrees and windy!!! :)

Bakugan, Dragonoid (See bel0w)
Off roading with "Baby"

This one is hilarious! This is the first one I took. Cassi turns her head to the side and says, "Cheese!" but will only do it once. Then you just have to chase her to get a picture of any sort--lol!

The rest of these are the kids playing in the backyard. It's too hot to even go out there for this long now!

And a video to keep the grandparents up to date on the fun! :) All of these things that Kai is asking Cassi to repeat are these toys called Bakugans. He is OBSESSED with these things and talks about them morning, noon and night. Here is what one of these toys looks like (this is Dragonoid, picture taken by Kai): ARGH! Blogger isn't behaving. The picture is above. Won't let me drag and drop again!

Standing in the chair with supervision! :S

Hugging doggie while watching Sesame Street

Which is apparently HILARIOUS! Notice the bug bites on her leg. :(

After her bath, brushing her doggie.

And, as a side note funny, to make you all feel old. Kai asked me what life was like "back in the 19's" as in 1900's!!!! LOLOLOL!!! He said, "You did live back then, didn't you?" Yu-huh, but it was the last half of the 1900's not the first half! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sum-sum Sum-sum Sum-sum Summer Time! :)

Covered in sand and sunscreen, lovin' every minute of it! Have a great summer! :)